Gulf Wars 2020 is officially canceled!!!

I appreciate each and every one of the class area coordinators and the hard wirk they’ve all done to make this happen. I also appreciate ALL of the people who are willing to give up parts of their war for others to learn…Let’s turn our thoughts to next year and make it the best Gulf Wars EVER!!!!!

The 2020 Schedule is HERE!!!!!

This is the link to the Living Schedule. As you can imagine, the schedule changes all the times as plans move with emergencies and last-minute attendees and cancellations. It is my plan that this file will stay available throughout war so all class teachers and attendees can see the plan. As always, there are some classes that are still being worked in.

Remember, if you’re a teacher, plan to check in with Artisan’s Row before your class starts (it can even be days before). Oh, and don’t forget your volunteer hours for teaching. I appreciate each and every one of you willing to give up a piece of your vacation for the enjoyment of others.

Let’s get ready for WAR!!!!!

Great news for Gulf Wars 2020! Signups EXTENDED

I have GREAT news!!! Signups have been extended until January 31st! That’ll give us all a few extra days to decide just how many classes we can teach at war! Tell your friends. Tell your Local Groups. Tell your Kingdom! Let’s have an AMAZING Gulf Wars 2020. Reminder – Signups are located at

Gulf Wars 2020 Class Signups are open!!!!!

It’s October!!! The link to sign up to teach at Gulf Wars 2020 is We’re looking forward to a GREAT year and can’t do this without you! Welcome to the fun!!!!

Gulf Wars 28 (2019) Living Class Schedule

While the A&S schedule has already gone to print, we all know that changes happen to our schedule as we move closer to war. Follow this link to the current version of the living schedule. We’ll be making changes to this schedule regularly and daily while at war. You’ll find additions, changes, and cancellations in this document. If you’re at war, these updates will be posted throughout the Information Point noticeboards each day as well as on the whiteboards at Artisan’s Row Information Point. Looking forward to learning all the things with you at War!!!

Class SignUps for GW 2019 are Closed!!!

Sixteen weeks to GULF WARS 2019.  What are YOU going to teach??? Help us fill up our class schedule with all the cool things you can learn at Gulf Wars.  Click here to fill out the teacher form so we can get you on the schedule.  Remember to get the best time slots sign up early!!!

Artisan Row (Only) Classes Cancelled for Today and Tomorrow

Just to clarify the earlier post…ARTISAN ROW Classes are cancelled for today and tomorrow.  Other classes in other areas are still being held.

ARTISAN ROW Classes Are Now CANCELLED for Today and Tomorrow!

Greetings, Possums!  ALL ARTISAN ROW classes are now CANCELLED for today and tomorrow.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

What’s a Little Rain? Classes Still Happening!

Despite the rain, classes are still happening today!  So once you recover from Court (all the Courts), Carnival, Dances, Balls, Socials, Jutland night, and whatever else you’ve been doing, head on over to EPL, Kennel Lands, Artisan’s Row, Ca d’Or Salon, Al Mahala and the rest and learn something new!  The schedules are can be found at the links below!

Downloadable Excel –

View Only Google Doc –

The class schedule will be updated daily. Keep checking back here! Please share and cross-post with all your friends!


Friday (3/16) Updates to Schedule Now Live!

Happy Thursday, Possums!  How’s your War been?  Hope you’re having the time of your life!  Can you believe the week has gone by so quickly?

Friday (and forward) updates are now published!  So here are the links again for your (ab)use.

Changes are also posted on site by all A&S Class/Activities areas and Information Point.

Downloadable Excel –

View Only Google Doc –

The class schedule will be updated daily. Keep checking back here! Please share and cross-post with all your friends!