Teach a Class at Gulf Wars XXVI

medieval teachingGulf Wars XXVI needs teachers!

Submit classes and other A&S activities you want to teach via one of these options:

Option 1Fill Out the Online Form: http://tiny.cc/GWclasses2017 [Google form]
(Best if you are teaching 1-3 classes, this requires you to fill out contact information each time.)

Option 2Download and Return an Excel or Word form:
Download either of the documents below , fill them out, and return them via e-mail attachment to classes@gulfwars.org or the appropriate area coordinator. (Best if you have more than 3 classes, or the online form won’t work for you.)

Option 3 – Contact us to chat:
Contact any of the area coordinators via e-mail or classes@gulfwars.org and discuss your class/A&S event plans. Be sure to include the best way to contact you (phone, e-mail, etc.) and when, etc. (Best if you are new, unsure, have a large or unusual project, or prefer not to submit digitally.)

Submit your class soon to ensure your preferred time/date and location!






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Friday GW Scholars – Ansteorra & Trimaris, Vivat!

Congrats to our Friday GW Scholars!
These folks showed their documentation despite cancelled classes and storm recovery.

trimaris#26 Cathleen Tomlinson, Trimaris – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Culinary

#27 Thyri Bersi, Trimaris – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Glass

#28 Faith Tomlinson, Trimaris – Depth in AR & Focused Study in Culinary & Botanical

#29 Toki inn eldri Bassi, Trimaris, Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Woodwork

meridies#30 Diana of Meridies, Meridies – Commitment & Focused Study in Glass

#31 Corina de Molinas, Meridies – Commitment & Depth and Focused Study in Scribal

#32 Alinora Kyte, Meridies – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Textiles

#33 Tarren Llywarch, Trimaris – Commitment, Depth & Focused Study in Scribal

MiddleArms#34 Avelyn D’Arden, Midrealm – Commitment & Focused Study in Glass

#35 Cicilia der Hund, Trimaris – Depth, Commitment & Focused Study in Textiles

#36 Guiliana del Chiaro, Trimaris – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Textiles

#37 Cian Mac Cullough, Trimaris – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in woodworking

Calontir#38 Elaine, Calontir – Depth in AR

#39 Gwellian of Eblin, Gleann Abhann – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Woodworking

#40 Howard of Cookham, Gleann Abhann – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Woodworking

gleann-abhann#41 Slaine Mackenyn, Trimaris – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Textiles Wet

#42 Alet, Outlands – Gleann Abhann – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study Glass

#43 Edain Ingen Raghailligh, Meridies – Depth in AR, Commitment & Focused Study in Textiles

#44 Cera Wricht, Trimaris – Depth in AR, Commitment

#45 Fionna nic Alisdair, Calontir – Depth in AR, & Commitment

Ansteorra#46 Embrose von Nuhr, Ansteorra – Commitment & Depth in AR

#47 Birna galin, Meridies – Commitment & Depth in AR

#48 Paul of Ravenwood, Meridies – Commitment & Depth in AR & EPL, Focused study in Blacksmithing/Metals

#49 Jehann De Montavbon, Ansteorra – Commitment & Focused study in Herbs

#50 Kevin McGowan, Trimaris – Focused Study in Woodworking, Commitment & Depth in EPL

By Kingdom Score so far:

  • Trimaris – 13 scholars, 8  scholar/lectors (25 hrs)
  • Meridies – 13 scholars, 6  scholar/lectors (25 hrs)
  • Gleann Abhann – 8 scholars, 4  scholar/lectors (25 hrs)
  • Calontir – 7 scholars, 2  scholar/lectors (25 hrs)
  • Midrealm – 4 scholars, 1  scholar/lector (25 hrs)
  • Ansteorra – 3 scholars, 3  scholar/lectors (25 hrs)
  • Atenveldt – 1 scholar
  • Atlantia – 1 scholar


Friday GW Scholar/Lectors – 25 total for the war!

Friday GW 25 Hour scholar/lectors! Vivat!
These folks taught or attended 25(ish) hours of classes at the war!

Ansteorra#3 Anastasia de Carrera, Calontir – added 4/15

#4 Faith Tomlanson, Trimaris – added 4/15

#5 Helvia Marius, Midrealm – added 4/15

#6 Isabella of Duncarriag – added 4/15

#7 Ysenda de Gray, Ansteorra

#8 Laurie de Gray, Ansteorra

#9 Haraldr Bassi, Ansteorra

trimaris#10 Thyri Bersi, Trimaris

#10 Toki inn eldri Bassi, Trimaris

#12 Diana of Meridies, Meridies

meridies#13 Corina de Molinas, Meridies

#14 Cian MacCullough, Trimaris

#15 Alinora Kyte, Meridies

#16 Tarren Llywarch, Trimaris

These folks Qualified, but we ran out of tokens – We have your addresses and will send them when they are recast!

MiddleArms#17 Avelyn D’Arden, Midrealm

#18 Cicilia der AHund, Trimaris

#19 Hildegard Bergerin, Gleann Abhann

#20Gwellian of Eblin, Gleann Abhann

gleann-abhann#21 Howard of Cookham, Gleann Abhann

#22 Edain ingen Raghailligh, Meridies

#23 Cera Wricht, Trimaris

#24 Embrose von Nuhr, Ansteorra

#25 Birna Galon, Meridies

#26 Paul of Ravenwood, Meridies

Calontir#27 Eithne Ingen Muirgein, Trimaris

#28 Kevin MacGowen, Trimaris

#29 Bree Oakwife, Calontir

IF YOU documented 20 or more hours, send your documentation, SCA name and Kingdom to classes@gulfwars.org (for an actual medallion, also send modern name and mailing address). Deadline to claim a token is 4/20/16.


Thursday GW Scholars – Ansteorra & Trimaris, Vivat!

HOORAY! Our first TWO GW 25 Hour scholars! Vivat!gleann-abhann

Calontir#1 Alexandra Stremouchova, Gleann Abhann

#2 Lilian Bowyer, Calontir


Congrats to our Thursday GW Scholars!

Ansteorra#10 Fortune Stykewynd, Ansteorra – Focused Study (lapmwork); Depth in AR

#11 Echo of Clan Gambit, Gleann Abhann – Commitment & Breadth

#12 Roise Mac Connmhaigh, Gleann Abhann – Commitment & Depth in AR

trimaris#13 Eithne Ingen Muirgenin,  Trimaris – Commitment & Depth in AR

#14 Agne von Heideberg, Calontir – Focused study in Dyeing, Commitment & Depth in AR

#15 Juliana Macnayre, Calontir – Commitment & Depth in AR

#16 Sibyella, Midrealm – Commitment

#17 Christine Chabrier, Calontir –Focused Study in Textiles, Commitment & Depth in AR

meridies#18 Aislinge MacCuithein, Meridies – Commitment & Depth in AR

#19 Lilian Bowyer, Calontir – Focused Study in Textiles, Commitment & Depth in AR

#20 Nathaniel of Meridies, Merdies – Commitment

#21 Faith Tomlanson, Trimaris – Commitment

MiddleArms#22 Lady Nicci de Nebula, Midrealm – Focused study in Textiles, Commitment & Depth in AR

#23 Helvia Marius, Midrealm – Commitment & Focus Study/Depth in Scribal

#24 Isabella of Duncarriag, Atlantia – Commitment & Focused Study in Dyes

#25 Astridr Kolbiarnardottir, Atenveldt – Commitment & Focused Study in Dyes


By Kingdom Score so far:

  • Meridies – 7 scholars
  • Gleann Abhann – 5 scholars, , 1  scholar/lector (25 hrs)
  • Calontir – 5 scholar, 1  scholar/lector (25 hrs)
  • Midrealm – 3
  • Trimaris – 2
  • Atenveldt – 1
  • Atlantia – 1


Send in your GW Scholars/25ish info to be recognized!

spruingbunniestapestryWe have finally recovered (found) all the documentation for Gulf Wars Scholars from Thursday and Friday of war. GW Scholar recipients will be posted right soon!

HOWEVER – since the storms cancelled classes on Friday and Saturday, we KNOW some folks did not get a chance to turn in their class documentation in order to receive their tokens. WE WANT TO FIX THIS!

PLEASE – if you managed to meet the GW scholar requirements and were not able to turn in your info on site, SEND US YOUR CLASS DOCUMENTATION (scan or clear photo) plus your SCA NAME and KINGDOM to classes@gulfwars.org. If you want a physical token* send your modern name and mailing address as well.

Gulf Wars 25 hour challenge: Due to cancelled classes we ARE recognizing those with 20 hours or more as special GW 25 scholars.* SEND IN YOUR DOCUMENTATION!

*We ran out of the cast metal GW 25 year tokens, but plan to recast in April. There will be a DELAY in sending them to you, but you will eventually receive it if requested (and mailing info is included with your documentation).

Artisans Row Sat Classes Cancelled

Artisans Row has cancelled Saturday classes.  There are no more classes in Artisans Row this war.

The Artisans Row 2017 interest meeting scheduled for 5pm Friday will be rescheduled as an online meeting after war. Details will be posted via GW Social Media.


Per the Autocrat ALL GW activities for Friday are cancelled due to severe storm Thursday evening. 

During Friday afternoon they will re-evaluate rest of war.

If you are safe and sound, please help others with recovery work, including the class areas. Depts will need help, as well as individuals.



Wednesday GW Scholars – Meridies & Gleann Abhann

Congrats to our Wednesday GW Scholars! 

meridies#4 Quintinus Mac Daniel, Meridies – Commitment (8 classes)

#5 Hildegard Bergerin, Gleann Abhann – Commitment (8 classes)

#6 Jean Ruth LaFayette, Meridies – Depth & Focused Study: AR Metals/Jewelry

gleann-abhann#7 Jyne of Hope, Meridies – Commitment & Depth: Artisans Row

#8 Aranwen of Willowford, Meridies – Focused Study: Herbals

#9 Zelia of Glean Abahnn – Commitment (8 classes)

We STILL challenge Ansteorra and Trimaris to find GW Scholars!

By Kingdom Score so far:

  • Meridies – 5 scholars
  • Gleann Abhann – 3 scholars
  • Calontir – 1 scholar
  • Ansteorra – 0
  • Trimaris – 0


TIME CHANGE: Friday 3/18- Ignition Through the Ages

1328101886_HourGlassTIME CHANGE – Friday 3/18

8:30-9:30 AM Ignition Through the Ages (was 8 AM) in AR Textiles Wet