Sheep to Purse competition at Gulf Wars XXV

Pouch2292674218_44602964ce_zAl-Jania, head of Textiles Wet in Artisan’s Row is sponsoring a “Sheep to Purse” competition this year.  Contestants are challenged to create a woolen pouch DURING the WAR starting with about 6-8oz of wool (from Al-Jania, so everyone is working with the same type/quality).

Competition Details/Rules:

  • Wool work (main part of purse/pouch) must be started and completed during Gulf Wars.
    • Official Start:* Wool will be made available at Textiles Wet starting Monday morning. Entrance fee due on site when you “start” by picking up wool.
    • Deadline: Item will need to be finished by [Edit] 3pm Friday when judging will take place.
    • Given the short time frame, teams are preferred/encouraged, but solo competitors are allowed. One fee/wool bunch/prize per team. [Edit] Teams need names!
    • Pre-register online HERE (we will ‘reserve’ wool for you and help you get started more quickly).
  • Entrance Fee: $7-10 per pouch (depends on # of participants). Fee to help cover cost of wool and prizes.
    • Wool will be distributed by weight: 6oz of scoured or 8oz unwashed.
    • Natural colors – white, black, brown, grey (revised)– contestants can mix and match from wool available (1st come 1st served).
    • First come, first served – we will take competition registrations until the wool runs out, or Thursday noon – which ever comes first.
  • Pouch/Purse Requirements:
    • Size: minimum is 4”x 6”x 1″, maximum 8”x 8”.  Judges will provide a display/example for entrants to examine.
    • Pouch MUST be functional: Belt loop/s and/or strap are essential.  It will need to be modeled (3d) and securely hold a wood block that will represent the minimum size.
    • Additional Fiber: Pouch/purse can include outside fibers/materials, but these cannot constitute more than 40% of the body (this should accommodate weaving, embellishments, embroidery, etc.)**
    • *Straps, loops, and fasteners can be made in advance.  These can be made of other materials and will not count as part of the 40% outside materials.
    • Dyeing and use of other knowledge learned at the war is strongly encouraged. There are MANY classes that can assist you during the week!
  • Documentation/Research:
    • Pouch/purse should keep to period techniques from a specific SCA time and region if possible. Ex: “8-900’s Norse” or “Tudor England.”
    • A basic documentation/plan will be requested during signup (no more than a couple pages). We encourage you to use the Guidelines Here.
    • Novices: If you don’t have a plan/documentation, we can provide you with a ‘novice template’ to work from. All novice entries will be judged as a group, separate from other entrants.
  • We are Friendly and Reasonable! Goal of this competition is to have fun and foster fiber artisans! If you have trouble, your project gets destroyed, or anything else, just ASK – we’ll sort it out/help!
    • Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir (and other cool artisans in the Row) are available to help most days. Look for ‘open workshop’ times on the schedule and/or ask for help/make a mentoring appointment!
    • A “do over” is possible if there is a catastrophe (if you have time) – just see al-Jania at Textiles Wet.

For more information, contact:

Image by litlnemo “Medieval Pouch Experiment: Done!
(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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