ALL Thursday Class Changes – GW 26

Thursday 3/16/17


10 AM-12 PM – Basic Murini and Advanced Stringer WAS WEDNESDAY
(AR Glass) by Beatrix Alfray 
10 AM-12 PM – Beginning Lampwork Beads IS NOW ON THURSDAY (same time)
(AR Glass) (now by) Baroness Hannah


12-1 PM Eyes Through the Ages (AM Class Tent) by Alianora McKay
Covers makeup on period Persian eyes, Hindu eyes and more.

1-2 PM Baltic Wire Weaving (AR Metals) by Serafina Alamanni

3-4 PM The Medieval Tournament as a Spectator Sport (AR Botanical) by Yvainne de Casetel d’Aignon

3-4 PM Pigments from Dyepots (AR Textiles Wet) by Mistress Willoc  mac Muirdaig


1-3 PM Papermaking Throughout History (AR Textiles Wet B) by THL Symonne de la Fontaine

2-3 PM Flying Chariots and Dragon Kings: the Chess of Medieval Japan (AR Wood) HL Niccolo Bartolazzi


10AM-12PM Punto in Aria Needlelace Part 2 (EPL Foundry B)  IS ACTUALLY PART 3

11 AM-12 PM & 12-1 PM  Basic Runes – Elder Futhark (AR Lecture)
by Ealhwine ðes Greata (NOT with Dr. Best)

2:45 -5PM  Loom = So I Bought a Loom, Now What? (EPL Foundry)  by Mistress Tegan verch Dwgan
Beginner’s class on styles of weaving for “Inkle” loom. Learn terminology, make string heddles, and weave on loom. Bring loom, shuttle, & scissors/snips plus 2 colors crochet cotton thread or choose from box.

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