ALL Friday Class Changes

Friday 3/17/2017

1-3 PM Lamb Pasties (AM Cooking) WAS 3-5 PM Thursday, NOW 1-3 PM FRIDAY

11AM – 12PM What to Consider in Choosing Arms and Name (AR Botanicals) by Tborg Vesardottir

2-3 PM Daragason/Sedang/The Hawthorn Tree – repeat of Monday class (Bede Dance Tent)

2-4 PM Tiny Limp Bound Book (AR Leather) by Jorhildr Hrafrikelsdottir

2-4 PM Turkish Mendel/Handkerchiefs for Love Messages. (AM Cla  Tent) by Xenia  (Limit 10, Ages 14+, Fee: $3)

3-4 PM  Intermediate Blackwork (AR Textiles B) by Baroness Giuliana del Chiaro

3-4 PM Pigments from Dyepots (AR Textiles Wet) by Mistress Willoc  mac Muirdaig

3-4 PM  Beginning Gold Work Embroidery (AR Textiles B) by Mistress Milesenda de Bourges

12 PM -1 PM  Beginning Italian Hem Stitch (AR Textiles B) Lady Alisandre de la Chapelle   (6 hands-on; observers welcome. $5 fee for kit. Some handouts available for observers.)

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