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>> VIEW/PRINT: Gulf Wars XXV &S Class & Activities Booklet  8.5×11″ REVISED 3-8-16 (BETTER than the print version that will be $1 at Troll).

>>VIEW or DOWNLOAD: Current Gulf Wars XV A&S Classes & Activities Listings via Google Drive Spreadsheet – no login needed  THIS IS OUT OF DATE- Changes coming TOO fast for us to keep up while on site! (See Blog, Twitter or Facebook feed for all updates!)

  • Red – cancelled
  • Green – Additions
  • Yellow – time or location change
  • Purple DATE change
  • Blue – other change

GW 2016 University Class Credit Form – simple form (if you aren’t trying for the GW 25 Scholar/Lector challenge).
GW 25 Scholar/Lector Challenge Class Credit Form
– extra column for # of hours & more rowls  (is aso in the site booklet, but pulled out here for printing).

Class Booklet Archives – class listings from previous years

librarian eyeglasses medievalArea Schedules

As of 3-13-16 THESE ARE OUT OF DATE – Changes are happening too fast for us to keep up these sheets! (See Blog, Twitter or Facebook feed for all updates!)


Online Class Submission form:
(Google form for submitting 1-3 classes – you must fill out the entire form for each class).

Multiple Class Submission forms
(if you want to submit more than 2-3 classes):

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