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Responses to FB Feedback on Classes

GW logoWe got some great feedback on GW 2013 classes from FaceBook – here is a Summary and some responses!

Topics folks would like to see more of:

  • More Leatherworking!
  • Woad Class
  • More Falconry
  • More Coursing
  • Medieval Hairstyles for women
  • Herbal remedy classes such as balms, ointments, and liniments

We’ll pass this along to the various areas involved!

“I’d like to see…”:

…a nighttime class track (for folks who volunteer or fight during the day). [supported by 5 folks]

Artisans Row had one class/event each evening  Monday – Thursday this year, with between 20 – 5 people showing up for each one.  They’d love to have more night classes (although we’d need more lights – we may have electricity, but we don’t have light fixtures!) – but they’d need folks to volunteer to teach them!  So far, most folks haven’t volunteered to teach at night – they want to go out and relax in the evenings.  al-mahala has Samras and Haflas in the evenings, and both Performing Arts and European Dance have events in the evenings as well.  We can check in with the Scribes, Equestrian, EPL, and Kennel Lands and see if they want to offer night classes next year – but again, all class areas are run by volunteers – in order to do things at night, we need more volunteers (and a guarantee that folks will show up)!

“…more things I can bring my daughter with me to”

All GW classes were listed in the site book and online with age limits – and MANY were tagged all ages, or [age x] with parent.  In general, if you are willing to attend with and monitor/support your child age 5 and up, most teachers are fine with it!  If you have specific topics you’d like to see for your daughter – let us know!

“A class schedule that tracked by learning area instead of by time. effectively, something that said “in tent A: 9:00- period activity” instead of listing all 9:00 classes in a row. It made finding specific classes more difficult, and planning one’s day more difficult.”

In general, folks prefer a schedule by times, so that is what is printed in the booklet – all 32 pages of it.  We have limited $ for printing, so we have to choose only one listing/sorting option.  We DO, however, publish a spreadsheet of classes online before (and during) war that you can download and sort by GW area, title, etc.  GW area would get you *close* to a “by topic” listing. Sadly, at this time, we don’t have the volunteer  manpower to ‘tag’ all classes by all the topic categories each might fit into. [I’m just a dept of one, really :)]  If you are interested in taking on this project, and providing an alternate schedule by topic – please – let me know!

“…for classes that have so many people that it’s standing room only find another time it can be offered again.”

When this is possible – we do so. But often the teacher can only teach it ONCE during war – they don’t have the time and/or supplies to teach it again. But where possible, if it was popular, and the teacher wants to teach it again, we’ll FIND a place/time to put it!! 🙂  [So if you’d like to see it again, please suggest that to the instructor on site, OR tell us what topic/class you wished had a 2nd session this year and we’ll try to make sure it has 2 next year!]

Specific suggestions:

“I’d like to suggest that classes using essential oils be in a more open air environment than the tent which is enclosed on three sides.”

We’ll pass that on – sounds like a GREAT idea. Note – all tents can have walls dropped or opened – if it is bothering you – suggest it right then!!

Master Frederick: “I learned that I need to schedule more time for pewter casting class.”

Yep – one plan made at the Instructors’ wrap-up this year was to be sure teachers plan *enough* time for set up and break down of classes – as well as the time hands-on classes will REALLY need.