Schedule Changes

AFTER the program book goes to print (around mid-Feb), we will publish schedule changes in a number of ways – to try to meet many different needs.

>ALL  Changes List
A collated listing of ALL class/A&S activity changes since the Site book went to print. Updated DAILY.  (On site – this will be what is published to the Information Boards and to the GW Facebook Events pages.)

>Current Gulf Wars XXVII  A&S Classes & Activities Listings via Google Drive Spreadsheet – no login needed. Updated DAILY.

  • This lists the WHOLE schedule, with all changes to date marked via color coding:
    • Green = addition
    • Red = cancellation
    • Yellow = change to time, location or description on the SAME DAY
    • Purple = a DATE change for a class (also may have a time and location change).
  • Per day schedules and changes are available as additional tabs to this worksheet across the bottom

>Other lists: (via Category or Tag Search)

  • Class Additions (green!)
  • Class Cancellations (red!)
  • Time/Date Changes
    • SAME DAY Changes to time/location/description/instructor, etc. (yellow)
    • DATE Changes (may also include time/location etc. changes)  (Purple)
  • Published Changes by Area
    • al-Mahala
    • Artisan’s Row
    • Performing Arts
      (You can also check the list of available schedules by area – which may or may not be updated with changes.)

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