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9-10 AM Bees and Pollination (AR Botanical) by Master Frederick Alton (Ages 18+)

11 AM – 1 PM Card Weaving 3/1 Twill Hallstatt (AR Lecture)
by Queen Bridget Lucia MacKenzie
Intermediate level class – bring an empty card weaving loom, shuttle, 2 balls each of a dark and a light thread (crochet cotton size 3 or 10 recommended) and 13 cards for speed warping.
(Ages 16+, LIMIT 10, Fee: $5 for handout of instructions and pattern)


Fri 3/14 AR Botanicals Addition: Medieval Gardens

MajalisFriday 3/14

Addition: 11am -12pm AR Botanicals
Medieval Gardens – Mistress Alianore

Wed 3/13 Additions: AR Botanicals – Whipcord and Drop Spinning

bone-ivoryWednesday 3/13

Addition: 3-4 pm,  AR Botanicals
Intro to Whipcord
– Mistress Anne of Blackthorne  All ages.

Addition: 4-5 pm,  AR Botanicals
Intro to Drop Spinning
– Mistress Anne of Blackthorne
Includes how to fix your drop spinning! Ages 16+

Fri 3/14 – AR Botanical Addition – Lacemaker’s Open Workshop

387099156_2444bb75a0-1-Friday 3/14

Addition: 1-4 pm AR-Botanical
Lacemakers’ Open Workshop
  – The Lace Ladies
Interested in making lace? Tried it but need a refresher? Just interested in how it works? Experienced lacemaker? All are welcome – Try it for yourself!  Intermediate technique mini-workshops, and more. Join us for the whole time or just drop in for a short visit.  Ages 16 +

Tues & Friday AR Botanicals Cancellations – THL Avaline

Blumen-Drei_(Meister_der_Spielkarten)The Honorable Lady Avaline la Chevriere cannot make it to war, thus the following Botanicals classes in Artisan’s Row are cancelled.  If you are interested in teaching in artisans row – an herbal or botanicals related class, OR ANY other topics, these time slots are now open:

Tuesday, 3/11/14 CANCELLED

  • 9-11am AR-Botanical  – Bald’s Wound Salve
  • 11am – 12 pm AR-Botanical  – Medieval Mindset of Medicine

Friday, 3/14/14 CANCELLED

  • 9-11 am AR-Botanical – Medieval Grafting and Plant
  • 11 am- 1pm AR-Botanical – Medieval Garden Planning
  • 1pm-3PM AR-Botanical – Local Medicinal Plants

ALSO:  THL Avaline’s  Monday 1-2pm class in Beginning Medieval Herbalism will now be taught by Bhean Uasal Morin inghen Ruairc

Call for Classes – AR-Botanicals & more!

Blumen-Drei_(Meister_der_Spielkarten)Due to class cancellations, the Botanicals Area in Artisans Row has openings for last minute class additions.

Their schedule now has openings for 3pm or later, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday; and any time Saturday morning.

Classes/demos/meetings are welcome, and while classes dealing with botanical topics/materials are preferred, the space is available for almost ANY topic!  [Other smaller time slots may be available in other areas as well!]

So, if you are still interested in teaching in Artisan’s Row, in any area, please contact  or on site, the folks at AR/Class Information Point.

Tues & Wed Cancellation AR-Botanicals – Market Basket

Cancelled_crossTuesday 3/11

Cancelled: 3-6pm AR-Botanical
So You Need a Market Basket?” Basket weaving 101 – Lady Elizabeth Arrowsmyth

Wednesday 3/12

Cancelled: 3-6pm AR-Botanical
So You Need a Market Basket?” Basket weaving 101 – Lady Elizabeth Arrowsmyth