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Sat 3/15 AR Textiles Additions: Blackwork & Dyer’s Giveaway!

200px-Ambox_emblem_plus_svgSaturday 3/15

Addition: 10 -11 am – AR Textiles 2
Beginning Blackwork Embroidery
Mary Rowe of Abercrombie.

Addition:  10 -11 am – AR Textiles Wet
Dyer’s Giveaway! 
– AL-Jania, HL Willoc mac Muirediag
Liked playing with our dyes at Textiles Wet?  We’ll be giving away our left overs for any and all.  Come fill up your jar(s) and take it home with you!  Illuminers-we will lso be happy to give you dregs to make pigments for inks and paints.

Fri 3/14 AR Addition – Crusades Costuming

Crusader_cavalryFriday 3/14

Addition: 10 – 11 am AR – Textiles 2 
Clothing of the Military Orders of the Crusades   – THL Catelin the Wanderer
A review of the different clothing of the Military Orders of the Crusade and the evolution of the clothing.    All ages

Tuesday 3/11 AR Addition – Kosode Construction

Historiallisia_kimonotyylejäTuesday 3/12

Addition: 1 pm – 2 pm AR-Textiles 2 
Kosode Construction  –  THL Yamamura Kitsune
An essential garment in every Japanese person’s wardrobe .
Ages 12+ (12-17 with parent)

Monday 3/10 Artisans Row Class Additions

200px-Ambox_emblem_plus_svgMonday 3/10/2014 Additions

Addition: 11 am – 1 pm AR – Textiles 2
Buttons and Closures – Lady Lilian Bowyer
Small but oh so important. Change your clothing from plain to amazing with fabric buttons, wrapped beads and pewter. Also making professional looking eyelets and button holes. Fee: $1; All ages

Addition: 2 pm – 3 pm AR-Lecture
Heraldry Wikis Introduction & Orientation – Mistress Sofya la Rus
Primarily for heralds or heraldically inclined computer geeks. If students bring internet-capable devices/laptops, can do some hands-on work. Any Age

Addition: 4 – 5:30 pm – AR-Lecture
Happy Japanese Games – Yamamura Kitsune
Three leisure games of medieval Japan will be discussed and reproductions of each game will be available to play.
Donations appreciated! Ages 8 and up (8-11 with parent present)