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Saturday, 3/18/17 –  Class Announcements

> No class changes reported.

> All artisans please pick up your items from Artisan’s Row areas BY NOON:
dyed items from Textiles Wet, Sundials, glass beads, etc. over in the yellow and white striped tent.

> Gulf Wars Journeyman Display is at Artisan’s Row – Yellow and White striped tent until noon.

> Show us your class lists BY NOON for the Gulf Wars Scholars – at Class/Artisans Row info point. We have over 75 scholars so far this war!

> Remember there are still classes today!

  • At 1 and 3 pm – European Dancing outside Bede hall
  • 1 – 5 pm Closing the Smith in Early Period Life
  • 10 – 11 pm tonight Exploring the Heavens Artisan’s Row area/the Fort


ALL Friday Class Changes

Friday 3/17/2017

1-3 PM Lamb Pasties (AM Cooking) WAS 3-5 PM Thursday, NOW 1-3 PM FRIDAY

11AM – 12PM What to Consider in Choosing Arms and Name (AR Botanicals) by Tborg Vesardottir

2-3 PM Daragason/Sedang/The Hawthorn Tree – repeat of Monday class (Bede Dance Tent)

2-4 PM Tiny Limp Bound Book (AR Leather) by Jorhildr Hrafrikelsdottir

2-4 PM Turkish Mendel/Handkerchiefs for Love Messages. (AM Cla  Tent) by Xenia  (Limit 10, Ages 14+, Fee: $3)

3-4 PM  Intermediate Blackwork (AR Textiles B) by Baroness Giuliana del Chiaro

3-4 PM Pigments from Dyepots (AR Textiles Wet) by Mistress Willoc  mac Muirdaig

3-4 PM  Beginning Gold Work Embroidery (AR Textiles B) by Mistress Milesenda de Bourges

12 PM -1 PM  Beginning Italian Hem Stitch (AR Textiles B) Lady Alisandre de la Chapelle   (6 hands-on; observers welcome. $5 fee for kit. Some handouts available for observers.)

ALL Thursday Class Changes – GW 26

Thursday 3/16/17


10 AM-12 PM – Basic Murini and Advanced Stringer WAS WEDNESDAY
(AR Glass) by Beatrix Alfray 
10 AM-12 PM – Beginning Lampwork Beads IS NOW ON THURSDAY (same time)
(AR Glass) (now by) Baroness Hannah


12-1 PM Eyes Through the Ages (AM Class Tent) by Alianora McKay
Covers makeup on period Persian eyes, Hindu eyes and more.

1-2 PM Baltic Wire Weaving (AR Metals) by Serafina Alamanni

3-4 PM The Medieval Tournament as a Spectator Sport (AR Botanical) by Yvainne de Casetel d’Aignon

3-4 PM Pigments from Dyepots (AR Textiles Wet) by Mistress Willoc  mac Muirdaig


1-3 PM Papermaking Throughout History (AR Textiles Wet B) by THL Symonne de la Fontaine

2-3 PM Flying Chariots and Dragon Kings: the Chess of Medieval Japan (AR Wood) HL Niccolo Bartolazzi


10AM-12PM Punto in Aria Needlelace Part 2 (EPL Foundry B)  IS ACTUALLY PART 3

11 AM-12 PM & 12-1 PM  Basic Runes – Elder Futhark (AR Lecture)
by Ealhwine ðes Greata (NOT with Dr. Best)

2:45 -5PM  Loom = So I Bought a Loom, Now What? (EPL Foundry)  by Mistress Tegan verch Dwgan
Beginner’s class on styles of weaving for “Inkle” loom. Learn terminology, make string heddles, and weave on loom. Bring loom, shuttle, & scissors/snips plus 2 colors crochet cotton thread or choose from box.

ALL Class Changes for Wednesday

Wednesday 3/15/2017

10-11 AM Introduction to Chip Carving (AR Wood)   Devin Breighallach

Wednesday/Thursday 3/15/17 & 3/16/17

320px-Lampwork2DATE CHANGE: [Yes, we are SURE it is correct this time.]
10 AM-12 PM – Basic Murini and Advanced Stringer IS NOW WEDNESDAY (same time)
(AR GLASS) by Beatrix Alfray  

10 AM-12 PM – Beginning Lampwork Beads IS NOW ON THURSDAY (same time)
(AR GLASS) (now by) Baroness Hannah

Be a A&S Journeyman at Gulf Wars

wooden bucketsMONDAY 10 – 11AM Journeyman Interest Meeting (AR-Lecture)
Do you wish you could spend all week in one of the GW Class areas (Al-Mahala, Performing Arts, Artisan’s Row etc.), auditing classes, stirring pots, working the bellows, working on your own research? Attend this meeting to learn more. Bring your schedule for the war.



9-10 AM Bees and Pollination (AR Botanical) by Master Frederick Alton (Ages 18+)

11 AM – 1 PM Card Weaving 3/1 Twill Hallstatt (AR Lecture)
by Queen Bridget Lucia MacKenzie
Intermediate level class – bring an empty card weaving loom, shuttle, 2 balls each of a dark and a light thread (crochet cotton size 3 or 10 recommended) and 13 cards for speed warping.
(Ages 16+, LIMIT 10, Fee: $5 for handout of instructions and pattern)


ADDED: Sunday Bardic Circle in Artisan’s Row

ADDED – Sunday  3/12

10 PM – Midnight  Bardic Circle  by Belle de la Tour, All ages
Come join us by the fire and enjoy a night of song and tale. Be ye listener or performer, be welcome!



NEW CLASSES in AR Ren Salon/Ren Class

200px-Ambox_emblem_plus_svgADDED Wednesday 3/16

  • 1-2 PM Persona Class (AR Ren Class/Botanical)
  • 2-3 PM Smocking 101 – 5 part class (AR – Ren class/Botanical) by Genevieve McDonald
  • 4-6 PM Bardic (AR Ca’ D’Oro Ren Salon)

ADDED Thursday 3/17

  • 9-10 AM Smocking 101– 5 part class (AR – Ren class/Botanical) by Genevieve McDonald
  • 2-3 PM A Brief, But Exciting History of Medieval Sculpture (AR Ren Class/ Botanical)  by Lady Ekaterina Schveikin

ADDED Friday 3/18

  • 9-10 AM Smocking 101– 5 part class (AR – Ren class/Botanical by Genevieve McDonald
  • 11-12 PM Persona Class (AR Ren Class/Botanicals)


3-14 Monday – Other Class Changes

1-3 Foreign Lands Games (AR Ren Class/Botanical) by Yves de Fontanier

1-2 PM Overview of Leavening Agents CHANGED to an INFORMAL DISCUSSION of Leavening Agents (AR Culinary) by HL Aislinge MacCuithien

1-5pm Mold-Making Demo (Artisan’s Row) by Capt. Elijah Cameron of Black Isle

CLASS CHANGE BACK! Making a Lucet Cord – back to Friday 3-4pm

woolfilesFriday, 3/20/15


3-4PM Making a Lucet Cord for your Lacings NOW FRIDAY AGAIN
in AR Textiles A (new instructor)