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European Dance: Ball Sets Information

European Dance Ball Sets  for each of the six nights at war  are now available online in a pdf doc:  GW 2014 Ball sets

Also: Are you naughty or are you nice?

Wednesday  night is the Masked Vice or Virtue Ball, led by Lady Fleur. There will be prizes awarded for the best Lady and Lord vice or virtue costume.  If you wish to participate in the contest, please come 15 minutes early so that you may sign the Participants List.  The Dance Instructors will be the judges.

Ball Sets for European Dance – 2014

157px-Codex_Manesse_312r_Reinmar_der_FiedlerFrom Lady Fleur – Ball Sets list for each evening at Gulf Wars  XXIII
All Balls begin at 9pm in the Main Hall

2014 ED Ball Sets (pdf)