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Sheep to Purse competition at Gulf Wars XXV

Pouch2292674218_44602964ce_zAl-Jania, head of Textiles Wet in Artisan’s Row is sponsoring a “Sheep to Purse” competition this year.  Contestants are challenged to create a woolen pouch DURING the WAR starting with about 6-8oz of wool (from Al-Jania, so everyone is working with the same type/quality).

Competition Details/Rules:

  • Wool work (main part of purse/pouch) must be started and completed during Gulf Wars.
    • Official Start:* Wool will be made available at Textiles Wet starting Monday morning. Entrance fee due on site when you “start” by picking up wool.
    • Deadline: Item will need to be finished by [Edit] 3pm Friday when judging will take place.
    • Given the short time frame, teams are preferred/encouraged, but solo competitors are allowed. One fee/wool bunch/prize per team. [Edit] Teams need names!
    • Pre-register online HERE (we will ‘reserve’ wool for you and help you get started more quickly).
  • Entrance Fee: $7-10 per pouch (depends on # of participants). Fee to help cover cost of wool and prizes.
    • Wool will be distributed by weight: 6oz of scoured or 8oz unwashed.
    • Natural colors – white, black, brown, grey (revised)– contestants can mix and match from wool available (1st come 1st served).
    • First come, first served – we will take competition registrations until the wool runs out, or Thursday noon – which ever comes first.
  • Pouch/Purse Requirements:
    • Size: minimum is 4”x 6”x 1″, maximum 8”x 8”.  Judges will provide a display/example for entrants to examine.
    • Pouch MUST be functional: Belt loop/s and/or strap are essential.  It will need to be modeled (3d) and securely hold a wood block that will represent the minimum size.
    • Additional Fiber: Pouch/purse can include outside fibers/materials, but these cannot constitute more than 40% of the body (this should accommodate weaving, embellishments, embroidery, etc.)**
    • *Straps, loops, and fasteners can be made in advance.  These can be made of other materials and will not count as part of the 40% outside materials.
    • Dyeing and use of other knowledge learned at the war is strongly encouraged. There are MANY classes that can assist you during the week!
  • Documentation/Research:
    • Pouch/purse should keep to period techniques from a specific SCA time and region if possible. Ex: “8-900’s Norse” or “Tudor England.”
    • A basic documentation/plan will be requested during signup (no more than a couple pages). We encourage you to use the Guidelines Here.
    • Novices: If you don’t have a plan/documentation, we can provide you with a ‘novice template’ to work from. All novice entries will be judged as a group, separate from other entrants.
  • We are Friendly and Reasonable! Goal of this competition is to have fun and foster fiber artisans! If you have trouble, your project gets destroyed, or anything else, just ASK – we’ll sort it out/help!
    • Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir (and other cool artisans in the Row) are available to help most days. Look for ‘open workshop’ times on the schedule and/or ask for help/make a mentoring appointment!
    • A “do over” is possible if there is a catastrophe (if you have time) – just see al-Jania at Textiles Wet.

For more information, contact:

Image by litlnemo “Medieval Pouch Experiment: Done!
(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

European Dance: Ball Sets Information

European Dance Ball Sets  for each of the six nights at war  are now available online in a pdf doc:  GW 2014 Ball sets

Also: Are you naughty or are you nice?

Wednesday  night is the Masked Vice or Virtue Ball, led by Lady Fleur. There will be prizes awarded for the best Lady and Lord vice or virtue costume.  If you wish to participate in the contest, please come 15 minutes early so that you may sign the Participants List.  The Dance Instructors will be the judges.