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Sat 3/15 AR Textiles Additions: Blackwork & Dyer’s Giveaway!

200px-Ambox_emblem_plus_svgSaturday 3/15

Addition: 10 -11 am – AR Textiles 2
Beginning Blackwork Embroidery
Mary Rowe of Abercrombie.

Addition:  10 -11 am – AR Textiles Wet
Dyer’s Giveaway! 
– AL-Jania, HL Willoc mac Muirediag
Liked playing with our dyes at Textiles Wet?  We’ll be giving away our left overs for any and all.  Come fill up your jar(s) and take it home with you!  Illuminers-we will lso be happy to give you dregs to make pigments for inks and paints.