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Friday GW Scholar/Lectors – 25 total for the war!

Friday GW 25 Hour scholar/lectors! Vivat!
These folks taught or attended 25(ish) hours of classes at the war!

Ansteorra#3 Anastasia de Carrera, Calontir – added 4/15

#4 Faith Tomlanson, Trimaris – added 4/15

#5 Helvia Marius, Midrealm – added 4/15

#6 Isabella of Duncarriag – added 4/15

#7 Ysenda de Gray, Ansteorra

#8 Laurie de Gray, Ansteorra

#9 Haraldr Bassi, Ansteorra

trimaris#10 Thyri Bersi, Trimaris

#10 Toki inn eldri Bassi, Trimaris

#12 Diana of Meridies, Meridies

meridies#13 Corina de Molinas, Meridies

#14 Cian MacCullough, Trimaris

#15 Alinora Kyte, Meridies

#16 Tarren Llywarch, Trimaris

These folks Qualified, but we ran out of tokens – We have your addresses and will send them when they are recast!

MiddleArms#17 Avelyn D’Arden, Midrealm

#18 Cicilia der AHund, Trimaris

#19 Hildegard Bergerin, Gleann Abhann

#20Gwellian of Eblin, Gleann Abhann

gleann-abhann#21 Howard of Cookham, Gleann Abhann

#22 Edain ingen Raghailligh, Meridies

#23 Cera Wricht, Trimaris

#24 Embrose von Nuhr, Ansteorra

#25 Birna Galon, Meridies

#26 Paul of Ravenwood, Meridies

Calontir#27 Eithne Ingen Muirgein, Trimaris

#28 Kevin MacGowen, Trimaris

#29 Bree Oakwife, Calontir

IF YOU documented 20 or more hours, send your documentation, SCA name and Kingdom to (for an actual medallion, also send modern name and mailing address). Deadline to claim a token is 4/20/16.


Send in your GW Scholars/25ish info to be recognized!

spruingbunniestapestryWe have finally recovered (found) all the documentation for Gulf Wars Scholars from Thursday and Friday of war. GW Scholar recipients will be posted right soon!

HOWEVER – since the storms cancelled classes on Friday and Saturday, we KNOW some folks did not get a chance to turn in their class documentation in order to receive their tokens. WE WANT TO FIX THIS!

PLEASE – if you managed to meet the GW scholar requirements and were not able to turn in your info on site, SEND US YOUR CLASS DOCUMENTATION (scan or clear photo) plus your SCA NAME and KINGDOM to If you want a physical token* send your modern name and mailing address as well.

Gulf Wars 25 hour challenge: Due to cancelled classes we ARE recognizing those with 20 hours or more as special GW 25 scholars.* SEND IN YOUR DOCUMENTATION!

*We ran out of the cast metal GW 25 year tokens, but plan to recast in April. There will be a DELAY in sending them to you, but you will eventually receive it if requested (and mailing info is included with your documentation).