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Instructor Info: Volunteer Hours for Teachers


Teaching counts as volunteer hours for the war. Be sure you get your volunteer hour slips from the area in which you taught after each class.

Also: Volunteering at GW just got Easier!!
Now you can fill out your Information sheet online before the War then just drop by the Point to sign up for shifts and to drop off your tickets—How Easy Is That!?!

Here’s the link ( so you can tell all your friends!
(Volunteer point coordinator says “Cross-posting is encouraged and might even be rewarded with a cookie!”)

Be sure to turn them in at Volunteer point by noon on Saturday. Volunteer hours turned in are worth:

  • WAR POINT for the kingdom you claim.
  • $ MONEY to your local group/group you claim.
  • Volunteer recognition feather and/or goodies for YOU!
  • Raffle tickets for YOU.