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Visit the A&S War Point Competition – 2014

AnsteorraThe populace is invited to visit the A&S War Point Competition on Thursday, 3/13 from 1- 4pm at Bede Hall

Ansteorra Entries

  1. Ansteorran Queen’s Glove – Champion
  2. From Parchment to Page
  3. ‘A Purs of Lether, Tassld’ in Silk’
  4. Iconography
  5. 15th century maiolica plate
  6. Opus Anglicanum George and the Dragon
  7. A 16th Century Gilded Kaftan
  8. Jehovah Blew With His Winds and They Were Scattered
  9. Menpo (Japanese Face Armor)
  10. Baked Mete A-nother Manere


11.   World of Glass Beads
12.   Pre-17th Century Persian Dance

trimarisTrimarian Entries

  1. Medea’s Monologue based upon the play Medea by Euripedes
  2. 15th Century Linen Banner
  3. 14th Century Women’s Headwear
  4. Reproduction of Tablet Weaving from Snartemo Grave V
  5. Mid 14th Century Great helm
  6. Wheel lock rifle
  7. Making and calibrating a Norse Sun Compass
  8. 14th Century Relic Kit
  9. 16th c childs stick horse
  10. Manesse Codex


11.  9th c Slavic Shoe found at Mecklenberg Castle in Germany
12.  Replica of an Early 14th Century Pewter Button

gleann-abhannGleann Abhann Entries

  1. Roman Cosmetics
  2. Hurdy Gurdy
  3. Irish sean nos
 Alternate : Glass Beads

meridiesMeridian Entries

  1. Iron Ore to Bloom Steel Blade
  2. A Florentine Lady’s Outfit of the 1480s
  3. A New Way to Weave: Anglo-Saxon Interweave/Trichinopoly

Alternate:  Viking Ale